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Instruction and Workshops

If you're interested in signing up for lessons, a class or a workshop, send an email to or enter your information in the form at the bottom of this page. *Please specify which classes or workshop you are interested in.

In my classes I present a step by step approach to drawing and painting from life. 

Lessons can be tailored to your specific interests and focus of study.

Lessons are for the complete beginner to the experienced artist looking to refine skills.

We will often work from a still-life set-up, but flowers, plants, organic forms, interior spaces, and landscape are subjects that can also be approached using live sources or photographs.

We will frequently discuss historical and contemporary examples of art and artists to inform our work and study as we progress through projects.

You will learn:


  • Foundational methods of drawing and painting from observation

  • To compose and organize space within the visual field (composition)

  • About positive/ negative space and figure/ ground interaction

  • To translate observed subjects realistically via proportion, measurement,
    tonal (value) structure and local (observed) color.

  • How to understand and work with color and manipulate its 3 fundamental properties: Hue, value and saturation

  • Proper methods and technique in the use of oil or acrylic paint


Pricing for Individual Lessons
The Purchase of a 4 pack (4 lessons) offers a discounted rate

1 hour      $60
pack     $200

1.5 hours  $85
4 pack      $300
2 hours     $110 *Recommended
4 pack      $400

2.5 hours  $140
4 pack      $520

Sign up for a Class or Workshop

Leave your name and email below and I will get right back to you with details regarding lessons, classes or workshops. 

Thanks for submitting!
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